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18th step – Octatrace

Alright… this is a completely new approach for me. I’m not talking about musical style rather that production technique. This was actually played live. No cuts. No processing besides some EQ and dynamics for mastering. Completely produced and played with Elektron’s “Octatrack”. What an amazing device… I will not even get started about how great […]


17th step – “Nanolawn”

A track that is neither ambient nor has a straight 4-on-the-floor beat – I realised that it’s only the second broken beat in the 52 steps so far (next to the 9th step.. should do more of those, I like them a lot 🙂 I started this one on saturday afternoon in Mischa’s garden after […]


14th Step – “Pillar”

I spent the easter holidays with my family at my parents place. There are two high steel pillars in the living room. They make a very nice sound when knocking on them which I wanted to use in a track for quite some time. Since I didn’t have access to my equipment, I used my […]

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