52 steps

“52 steps” is a non-commercial music project by step saturn involving the production of 52 musical pieces over the year of 2015, releasing a new one every week.

The idea is to provide some kind of a public “musical chronicles” displaying what tunes step saturn wrapped his brain around.

Click here for all releases of the 52 steps
All released tracks can be found on Soundcloud:

52 steps Project Parameters:

  • Stuff has to be finished by monday night (no matter how late).
  • Stuff has to have been at least partially composed / produced / played since the previous release. Releasing an old track from last year does not count unless it has been significantly edited.

– There are no rules about what a “piece” could be. Might be a whole track, might be just a sound, a loop or an ambience.
– Output should be released on a regular basis, preferably one piece per week if possible.
– Any production method is accepted. Exploring variety in production techniques is encouraged.
– Any kind of collaboration with other artists (guest instrumentalists, remixes, tributes, etc) is encouraged.

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