32nd step – “22h Hour Open Air House Party”

I attended a really awesome open air gay house party during my trip to Berlin in August.
Met very nice people, danced a lot and stayed very long 🙂
This track is inspired by the music that was played at that party, the way I felt during those 22h and the people I was there with.
I produced this in Berlin, on holiday so I had to stick to my computer. Therefore this track is purely digital. PlugIns only. Took a lot of time to produce.
Thanks to Danny, Kathi, Larissa, Philip, Richard and Stefan for the great time we had together 🙂
Berlin rules!

Camel Audio Alchemy
FabFilter Twin 2
Ohm Force Minimonsta
Ohm Force Symptohm
Sonic Charge Synplant
Apple Ultrabeat
Apple ES1

Tons of PlugIns by many manufacturers: Delays, modulation effects, distortion, filters, reverb, etc. Too much to list here:-)

This track was produced using Apple Logic Pro

All rights reserved. If you wanna use this, please contact me.

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