15th step – “Mischa’s Groove”

Based on a sunday-session with Romanov, him hitting the drum machine, me messing around with some hardware and software synths, I worked out an arrangement from the pool of sounds and loops.

Studio Electronics Omega 8
Moog Minimoog Voyager
DSI Tempest

Apple Ultrabeat
Apple ES-1
Apple EVP-88
Apple Sculpture
GForce Minimonsta
GForce M-Tron Pro
Native Instruments Massive
FabFilter Twin 2
Sonic Charge Synplant

Various modulation, reverb, delay, dynamics and filter plugins.

Produced in Apple Logic Pro 9

All rights reserved. If you want to use this, please ask me.


  • dorabach

    tänzerisch, leicht, beweglich – so wirkt das auf mich

  • Chillig aber treibt zum Tanzen an. Aftershoparty!!!

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