17th step – “Nanolawn”

A track that is neither ambient nor has a straight 4-on-the-floor beat – I realised that it’s only the second broken beat in the 52 steps so far (next to the 9th step.. should do more of those, I like them a lot πŸ™‚
I started this one on saturday afternoon in Mischa’s garden after a very nice brunch, playing with Nanoloop again (I really love this app) – sampling birds and stuff πŸ™‚
I then recorded and arranged with Logic, added a few (not so relevant) samples and played around with PlugIns. This track has been produced in the digital domain. Going without analog gear can still be fat πŸ™‚

Nanoloop for iOS

Apple Tremolo
Camel Audio Camel Phat
Apple AutoFilter
D16 Decimort
DestroyFX Buffer Override

Various modulation, reverb, delay, dynamics and filter/EQ plugins.

Produced in Apple Logic Pro 9

All rights reserved. If you want to use this, please ask me.

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