7th step – “Song for a girl I do not know”

This is a piano solo track. Last week there was a lot of fuzz about Valentine’s day. So I guess I caught some of the spirit and wrote a piano pop piece 🙂
Usually I take weeks to write a piano piece. This one was done in less than a week. So it’s a bit raw.
I haven’t practiced the piano for quite some time.. and I didn’t have time to practice this piece. Plus, I was very tired when I recorded it.. I’m not very satisfied with how I played this. Also my piano needs to be tuned and fixed so I used a sampled piano by Native Instruments.

Native Instruments Berlin Grand
All rights reserved. If you wanna use this, please contact me.
Cover foto by Sebastian Rieck


  • Schön verträumt. Das es so roh ist macht es ganz lebendig! Mehr davon. Evtl aber auch mal mit ner Tempest drunter gelegt ^^

    • Ja, auf Klavier mit Beat oder so hab ich auch Mal Bock. Kommt bestimmt früher oder später 🙂

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