2nd step – feat. Yulan Yu

This is the result of a jam session with composer Yulan Yu on the 11th of january, 2015. We played several sets, this is a cut of my favourite parts of the last set.
There’s quite some noise, especially in the softer parts – the dynamic range is rather high.
Thanks to Andrea for helping me with the arrangement.
Thanks to Yulan for a nice musical evening and for being the first featured artist on “52 steps” 🙂

step saturn: percussions, sounds, delay lines
Yulan Yu: detuned piano
Piano (Fiedler, out of tune)
ADS Digital Delay 1000
Lexicon MX400
Korg Wavedrum
Korg Volca Beats
This track was played live, stereo sum was recorded and cut with Apple Logic Pro.

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  • Schön “dreckig” ^^

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