25th step – “Straveyard”

Heavy stuff happening in Graz last saturday. Feeling sorry for everyone involved. Somewhat glad none of the people dear to me were harmed. I love the candles at Herrengasse, showing that people care. They are really beautiful.
The whole situation in the city definitely had an influence on this track.

Thanks to dsp for playing the guitar so nicely. I’m glad we made this track together 🙂

dsp made a different track from the same recordings we made together (guitar, Nanoloop, his DIY-minisynth): It’s very nice, please check it out:

dsp – guitar, first selfmade analog synth
step saturn – electronics, arrangement, production
Nanoloop for iOS
Acoustic guitar

D16 – Decimort
D16 – Toraverb
Michael Norris – Spectral Freezing
Rob Papen – RP-Delay

…and some dynamics PlugIns made by Sonalksis and Apple.

This track was produced in Apple Logic Pro 9.

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