14th Step – “Pillar”

I spent the easter holidays with my family at my parents place. There are two high steel pillars in the living room. They make a very nice sound when knocking on them which I wanted to use in a track for quite some time. Since I didn’t have access to my equipment, I used my phone to sample the pillars’ vibrations.
Another track mostly made with Nanoloop for iOS.

Nanoloop for iOS

MAM VF11 Vocoder/Filterbank

Applied Acoustics Systems VA-1
Camel Audio CamelSpace
D16 Decimort
Apple PlatinumVerb
D16 Toraverb

Several Modulation- and Delay PlugIns.

Produced in Apple Logic Pro 9

All rights reserved. If you want to use this, please ask me.


  • Schöne Atmosphären.

  • Slash_Katana

    Sehr abgefahren! Freut mich, dass der VF11 in gute Hände geraten ist 😉
    Weiter so!!! 😀

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